Twilight Designs is Las Vegas’ most artistic and distinguished low voltage lighting company.  From homes and businesses to HOAs, low voltage lighting is often the best choice.  Some benefits include installation cost, versatility and the low maintenance nature of low voltage lighting.  Advancements in LED technology has also gone a long way in making low voltage lighting the best option for most outdoor and landscape lighting needs.

wilson-day-night1smDirect burial low voltage lighting cable is what makes this type of landscape lighting so much more affordable.  Wires can be trenched approximately 5 inches or as deep as most irrigation systems instead of requiring a much deeper trench to safely install 120 volt lighting.  This makes running wires and power much less labor intensive and therefore cheaper to install.

From crossing under sidewalks to installing peak lights, low voltage landscape lighting is extremely versatile.  With the right equipment and experience light fixtures can be installed almost anywhere.  This is important when creating a lighting design for existing homes as it is rare that we have to compromise on the design due to not having a method to properly run the wiring.

Advancements in LED technology has greatly reduced the maintenance required for your landscape lighting system.  Just a few years ago halogen bulbs has to be changed every 18 months or so and they cost much more to power each night.  LED lighting options give the same amount and quality of light but can last in many cases well over 7 years.  The maintenance required for your lighting system is usually determined by your landscaping.  As your landscape grows over time it is necessary to move and adjust fixtures to accommodate that growth and keep your system looking great.

David Bilik working with landscaping

David Bilik – Owner at Twilight Designs

Despite all these great benefits that come with low voltage lighting systems, none of them can be truly enjoyed without a great lighting design.  When you work with Twilight Designs you work directly with the owner David Bilik.  David has over 13 years experience designing and installing landscape lighting projects and has won multiple nationally recognized low voltage lighting design awards.

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