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Twilight Designs can maximize the beauty of your landscape design with lighting

Are you currently in the process of installing new landscaping?  Landscape lighting can magnify the beauty of your home while allowing you to enjoy your landscaping with friends and family well into the night.

People spend so much time focusing on their landscape plans that lighting is often an afterthought.  However, from sitting outside after a long day of work to avoiding the cooler temperatures on a hot summer day, the evening is the best time to enjoy your new landscaping.  Most people enjoy the convenience of letting their landscape architect design their lighting plan and having their landscape contractor install them.  These people fail to consider the benefits of hiring a company that specializes specifically in landscape lighting design and installation.

Day vs Night Landscape LightingWe work with landscape architects and design companies to collaborate on their customers’ lighting needs on a daily basis.  Most landscapers prefer to focus on the landscaping that they specialize in and leave the lighting to a company that specializes in landscape lighting.

Homeowners are almost always happier with a lighting system installed by a landscape lighting designer.  Landscape designers and landscapers who hold a customer’s satisfaction over everything take great pleasure in seeing their work come to life at night when complimented with a creative and well lit lighting system.

At Twilight Designs, landscape lighting is all we do.  If you’re working with a landscape designer or your landscaping lacks lighting we’d love to share our ideas with you.

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