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wilson-day-night1smNo other home improvement can increase both your home’s beauty and security like exterior lighting.  No other company in Las Vegas has more experience with low voltage exterior lighting than Twilight designs.  When you schedule a consultation with Twilight Designs you’ll work directly with the owner David Bilik.  David has spent over 13 years working exclusively as an exterior lighting contractor.  Originally as salesman and crew foreman for an acclaimed landscape lighting company in Chicago before moving to Las Vegas where he has installed hundreds of exterior lighting systems.

Lighting design, when done well do more than just increase the beauty of your home.  Lighting can make make your yard more functional.  Courtyard and patio lighting can create an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you to spend more time entertaining or dining with friends and family.  Path and step lights can illuminate stairs and walkways that might otherwise become hazards at night.

In addition to the beauty and functionality that exterior lighting brings it is also a proven crime deterrent.  By lighting trees and dark spot you can illuminate hiding spots that may otherwise attract trespassers.  Often times gates and guarded communities can give a false sense of security when in fact these affluent communities often attract petty theft and burglaries.  Low voltage exterior lighting can be extremely cost effective in this sense as it is often less labor intensive to run low voltage wiring than its high voltage counterparts.  Recent advancements in LED technology all for more light output with less power consumption leaving little reason not to choose low voltage exterior lighting.

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